The Benbrook Water Authority is an independent water district created by the Texas legislature in 1955 for the sole purpose of providing the people of Benbrook, Texas with water and sanitary sewer service. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.


Benbrook Water Authority
1121 Mercedes Street
Benbrook, Texas 76126

Office: (817) 249-1250
Fax: (817) 249- 6965

M-Th 8-6, Fri 8-5


  • Water Main Break on Westerly

    January 26 3:15pm–There is a main break on Westerly. The 3900 – 4000 block will be without water service while crews work to repair the main. For repair procedures, click here.

  • BWA Board Meeting January 27

    The BWA Board of Directors will meet on Tuesday, January 27 at 5:30pm. Click here to view the agenda. All interested citizens are invited to attend.

  • RFQ: Comprehensive Classification and Compensation Study

    BWA intends to procure a qualified consultant to provide professional services to conduct a comprehensive classification and compensation study. Firms interested in providing the services must submit a response to the Request for Qualifications no later than February 19, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. Click here to view the Request for Qualifications.

  • Taste and Odor Issues

    BWA has received a few calls about its drinking water having a musty taste and odor. Please be assured that the water is safe for drinking, cooking, bathing and all other purposes, even though it has an earthy smell and taste. The naturally-occurring organic compound responsible for the earthy taste and odor is geosmin. Geosmin is produced by bacteria in soil and algae found in surface water. Cold temperatures kill off the algae in surface water and the dead algae release the geosmin.

    Customers may improve the taste of their drinking water by refrigerating the water in an open container, or adding a slice of lemon or lime.

  • Stage 1 Watering Schedule

    The following water schedule is recommended for Benbrook residents who use sprinklers (in-ground or other) for watering:

    Monday–no watering

    Tuesday & Friday–non-residential sites (apartments, businesses, parks, common areas)

    Wednesday & Saturday–residential addresses ending in 0, 2, 4, 6, 8

    Thursday & Sunday–residential addresses ending in 1, 3, 5, 7, 9

    Residents should avoid watering between the hours of 10am and 6pm


    Watering by hand, soaker hoses and drip irrigation is allowed at any time on any day of the week.